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About Malvern Residence

This is a beautiful modern village on the north of Charleston. It is 15 minutes long to the centre by A41 road and 10 minutes to the trainstation. Rich nature around is the main property of Malvern Residence. Cooper river waters near the area are fresh and favourite among anglers.

Rich nature

Convenient location


Advanced materials

Local wi-fi

Secure territory


Everything you need is here

We have everything for your comfort living and rest. There is a full time primary school and kindergarten at the centre, sport station with tennis courts and public boat station near the territory. Also, there are some small cafes and shops. We are care of you, so we built a medical centre and supplied protection of all the territory.
15 minutes
Road from downtown Charleston
1500 ft²
Minimal private lawn size
Starting price for homestead

Baker House


This is a big 170 ft² house for a big family with light rooms and two floor levels. Surrounding private area is from 540ft². All materials are high qualified and are profit for all seasons.

Jay Cottage


This a big 3200 ft² cottage. The house has a private entrance and gallery on the second floor. There are large casements and two-storied construction. Surrounding private area is from 4000 ft². All materials are high qualified and are profit for all seasons.


Snug territory in the nature

Malvern is a small town village on the north of Charleston, US. There is a private territory with a dozen of cottages. There is a little park on the territory, marketplace area, private kindergarten and St. James primary school at the centre. All the territory is 24 hours secured.

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Malvern Residence

Amy Hill, 2820 Avenue C North, North Charleston, SC 29405, US

Malvern Residence Office

phone: +44 (0)207 828 4777
phone: +44 (0)207 738 4547

BC7 Developer

phone: +44 (0)987 2404527
phone: +44 (0)987 7754527
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